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Eben Googins

Diary of Sarah Matilda King August 1-8 1876

August 08, 2013

From the "Diary 1873"
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Sarah was working at her Uncle's pogey camp so she was back and forth between home and the camp.

Aug 1 1867: At home working on a pillowcase. After dinner Nellie came in. After supper in to Fanny's. Home and retired

Aug 2, 1867--Rainy. A.M. washed some. P.M. washed floors. sarah came in. Wound twine. At ight in to Nellie's. Raining very hard.

Aug. 3, 1867. A.M. pleasant.(at camp) Made cookies and pies. Men went home. P.M. went up in the pasture after blueberries. Begins to rain. After tea went in to Hannah's. E. EesIsles there. Bous to Sullivan.

Aug. 4, 1867 Very fine. Came home from Hannah's to get breakfast. Went with Luther and Willliam McColley to Porcupine. P.M. went to Bar Harbor; got back about six. Nell stopped with me. Mary Clark married to David Payne.

Aug. 5, 1867 A.M. Foggy. Fried Doughnuts. P.M. Uncle Eben came down. Nell and I went up in pasture after berries. After tea went over to Preble's Island after raspberries. Recived a letter from E.G. and C. Stanley, Cranberry Isles. (E.G. is Eben Googins, the man she would later marry)

Aug. 6 1867: Not very well. Made two pies. Washed floor. Cooked fresh fish for dinner. P.M. Nell and I went to bed for a short nap. After tea went to Sarah's. Two girls there from Franklin.

Aug 7, 1867 A.M. foggy. Done my work. In to Nellie's. Came home and got diner. Fog clears up. Went up to Welsh's after blueberries. Came home, got tea.

Aug. 8. 1867: Foggy. Made two pies and cake. P.M. came home with H.C. and Still. Hemmed curtains. Ell came up for the Island. Clears off about dark. L.B came up sick. 


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