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Eben King's Diary May 7, 1873

May 07, 2013

From the "Diary 1873"
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"Paid Emma $5.00 towards that I had of them last summer. Ploughed a piece of green sward for potatoes. Had Uncle Ben's horse and Dick. Lew drove them for me. 2 hours ploughing in AM and PM. _____ have my horse and wagon for to go to Ells. He pd me $1.00 for it. Harrowed and furrowed a little after supper with Lew's horse. Wind from the NW to SW, fresh."

Not everyone had a horse and wagon and it was common to borrow from others and pay them a little something either in money or work.

Answers to yesterdays blog: The Lone Star was a Bark. What is a Bark? and the only Lone Star I could find in the Mystic Seaport's Ship Register was built in 1857 in Warren, Maine, but Lone Star was a common name for a ship, so I will ask my local expert on ships, Susan Reynolds Hodgkins, what she knows about it.

Potato seeds are seed potatoe:. Farmers still save the best potatoes for next years crop. Each potato eye has the potential of becoming a plant so the potato is cut in such a way that each piece contains a eye..

Setting poles ":A setting pole is a pole, handled by a single individual, made to move watercraft by pushing the craft in the desired direction. Because it is a pushing tool, it is generally used from the stern (back) of the craft. It was often made of ash and had metal caps on both ends". (Wikipidia)


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