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Eben King Diary May 6, 1873

May 06, 2013

From the "Diary 1873"
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May 6: Finished the club for the jib of the Lone Star. Cut 2 bushels of potato seeds. Rec'd 3.50 from Warren for cord of wood for school. Went down and settled with Ed  Smith for  my bean poles and setting poles that he carried for me. Rec'd letter from Jim from New York.

Questions for the day: What are setting poles? What kind of a vessel was the Lone Star? What are potato seeds? I have never seen a packet of potato seeds in the store. 

Answer to yesterdays Question: What is a club and a jib?

When I was writing "Sadie" my knowledge of nautical terms was limited to sailing boats with one mast, so I used Patterson's Illustrated Nautical Encyclopedia by Howard Patterson. You can google it on the web for almost any question you might have about large sailing vessels. Mr. Patterson says:" A club topsail set flying from the deck with the luff (forward edge of the sail)laced to a pole called a spirt, and the foot laced to a pole called a club."

"A jib is a triangular sail which sets on a stay (ropes of hemp or iron used for supporting the masts) forward of the foremast (the most forward or first mast on a vessel)".

Making soap: It takes  hardwood ashes, rendered animal fat, and a lot of hard work. I made it once while I was working for a museum in Ohio  The end product was not smell very nice and was pretty harsh on the skin and did not bubble when used. There are numerous recipies on the web. I encourage you to read one or two.


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