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Diary of Sarah Matilda King May 7, 1873

May 07, 2013

From the "Diary 1873"
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Tues. May 7--Dull weather. A.M. Grandmother Coolidge came down and spent the day. I knit five yards. Ell went up with G. Addie came down. I went up, stopped all night with her.

Answers to yesterday's post: A pogey (menhaden, pogy, pogie or porgie) are a s small fish belonging to the herring family 12-18 inches long. It is from the Native word pauhagen which means enriches the earth. They were used for the oil they produced when cooked which was used to oil machinery and to burn in lampsl. They were caught by net.

Sarah made these nets and was paid by the yard. There are some good sites on the web which show this process. She did not knit the with two needles as in knitting a sweater, but used a single netting shuttle. 

In the early day of Lamoine the Jordan River was a busy place with many wharfs. Over the years it has silted up so the big ships can no longer use it.

A sack is a dress.


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