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Diary of Sarah Matilda King May 6, 1867

May 06, 2013

From the "Diary 1873"
Blog of Susan Wuorinen

"May 6, 1867: Mon., May 6 Cloudy weather. A.M. Aunt Ann came down. Cut sack for Abbie. P.M. Mother went up to Grandmother's. Uncle Lewis here to tea. Knit 4 yds. Eve at home. Father getting rafts up the river."

As you read this blog you will see that people did a lot of visiting. There were no phones. Sarah was always going "up to" or "down to", and families did not move away, but tended to stay in the town  where they were born. Sadie, like Sarah Matilda King, made extra money by "knitting porgy nets"

Questions for the day are: What is a pogey, and how do you knit a net to catch it? What rivers run through Lamoine and what is a "sack"?


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