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Diary of Eben King, Aug 1-8, 1873

August 08, 2013

From the "Diary 1873"
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James and Emma Bunker were Warren King's second wife's brother.

Aug 1 1873: Hannah went down to Emma's all day. I took dinner there, went down, stayed there all night.

Aug 2, 1873: Came home. went to Ells. Jim went with me . Carried over 41/2 doz eggs. Sold to Whitings .20 a doz. Bot 16 lb sugar 12 cents a pound, 4lb coffee, 1 pound starch, 1# J. tea. Pd. Jim the balance due him for butter that I had of him last summer$2.28. Pd John Springer $4.37 the balance due on work he did with herring last summer.

Aug 3, 1873 Went to meeting. HOT day. Warren and Mary stopped her for dinner.

Aug 4, 1873 Finished up haying. Jim Bunker mowed back field. I raked it up, got it in. Lew helped me. Hauled it in 2 loades. Have hauled in 24 loads this year. Got it all myself, but two days of Uncle Steve Young.

Aug. 5, 1873. Fine Day. Washed in morning, wheeled in some wood. Went down to the beach to ride after supper.

Aug. 6 1873 Went to Pt. Harbor alone after my old nets and anchors. Got home at 6 o'clock.

Aug. 7, 1873 At work for Warren all day making window frames for his  porch. Cal Coggins got home.

Aug 8, 1873. At work for Warren all day. Mary Bunker went sailing with the boys. 


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